Artist Spotlight

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Milan Komarica

Milan Komarica is a Dallas based photographer and artist, inspired by everyday landscape and surroundings.


Milan developed his artistic style by taking his photographic images and transferring them to 8" x 10" woodblocks. The woodblocks are treated with coatings that simulate aging with cracks and texture. Milan hand-touches each piece with paint creating all unique and original art pieces. In the end, Milan seals each woodblock with his logo on red wax as it was first used by royals in the Middle Ages. 

Each block tells a story in the contemporary reference to the ancient look and feel. The woodblocks are usually done in a series of four, each image independent or divided into four. Most of the images are inspired by flowers, nature, or done at customer's requests.

Milan inherited his talents from his artistic family. Milan's grandfather (1910 - 2004) was one of the most famous Bosnian painters, recognizable in the realists and neo-impressionist styles of the time.

Milan is a treasure. We are proud to exhibit his work at the Ma Fille Art Gallery.