Currently Exhibited Artist' 

Vern Rollin III 1111

"I create each painting to be felt and enjoyed for a long time. My collectors honor me whe they buy a piece of my work and knowing that they have chosen one of my paintings to become a part of their home, or business pushes me continually to grow as an artist and as a person. I have been a fine artist for thirty years. My work is a record o my journey and of my love and observation of the world close up. I learned to paint on the land itself by watching the play of sunlight through trees and across fields. Thousands of hours in nature, hiking, painting,, studying, and learning. have shaped me into the artist I am today. Painting is not my work. It is my life. It is my reason for being. I paint to reach beyond my life, to communicate in a way that is real and with no illusions. Sharing this is my passion and it it as necessary as breathing."