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The  Art Gallery

Ma Fille, French for "My Daughter," is a powerful and intimate forum for contemporary art. Exhibitions of contemporary art continue to proliferate both in the United States and abroad. The Art Gallery provides a space for the community of artists and patrons to meet, communicate and enjoy passions evoked by each incredible piece presented in the Exhibitions. The Ma Fille Art Gallery's goal is to encourage and connect artists with each other and the widest audiences possibleI

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Ma Fille Art Gallery is located in the Art and Jazz Room at Chocolate Secrets. The Gallery will soon open a second location in downtown Dallas at the corner of South Lamar Street and I-45. The second location is currently being renovated and will opened in Spring 2020. This second venue will be significantly larger to  accommodate larger pieces, more guests and provide an event space filled with art.  

Both Ma Fille locations will host lecture series, art classes, art demonstrations, and video galleries. Artists and art audiences of all ages are invited to enjoy a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere surrounded by art, live music, chocolate, confectionery and wine.  



Pam G. Eudaric


Pam G. Eudaric grew up on St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands nurtured and protected by the warmth from the Caribbean culture, the powerful beauty of nature, and family and friends.  Oils, water colors, textiles, shells and drift wood adorned every surface in her home. 


Pam G. Eudaric's  mother, Angeline Carter-Eudaric, and grandmother, Mayme Marguerite Maxey-Carter, both adventurers, feminists and artist, taught her to be fearless, determined and passionate. They taught her to fill her life with compassion, strength, beauty, dignity and grace. They taught her not to accept “No,” but instead to embrace all the possibilities and adventures that come from a life lived "Opened to the Power of Yes.*

Ms. Eudaric's father, Claude Gilbert Eudaric, was born in France. Math and Science were his intellectual passions. His spiritual and emotional passions were children and justice. He called Pam's  little sister, Marguerite Philippe Eudaric-Blackwood, Ma Fille.

Pam's wonderful grandfather, Joseph Carter, taught her self-discipline and entrepreneurship. 


Ms. Eudaric earned a B.A. in Business Management from Rice University in Houston, Texas, and a  J.D. from the University of Texas  School  of Law, in Austin, Texas. 


MA FILLE ART GALLERY is an inclusive place that encourages and supports artists, their sons and daughters, their best friends and their art audiences.

Welcome to Ma Fille, created and designed by a mother, a woman, an entrepreneur, an author, a lover of beauty, and an island girl who loves coconuts and chocolate and still does not like shoes.

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